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Dave Jeffery  Artist     

Whitby North Yorkshire

DJ Art and Design

Tel: +44 (0)1497 821 832


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My online studio is in a bit of a mess at the moment and is in the process of being updated.

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HF Holidays   2017

Railway, Rambles With a Sketchbook  

[North Yorkshire moors steam and vintage diesel railway]

1st May   (4 nights)

25th September (4 nights)

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Welcome to the:


This web site is kept as up to date as possible, however more recent work may not be shown. Please contact Dave for further information.

Artwork may be also viewed at Dave's home studio in Whitby, preferably by appointment.

Dave produces paintings in a variety of medium including water colour, oil and acrylic. Subject matter includes landscape, seascape, the human form, horses and buildings. Sizes of paintings vary from small water colours and oils to large canvasses in oil, acrylic or mixed media. Work is produced in the studio from Dave's own sketches and preparatory paintings made on location.

‘Personal observation and experience of the subject matter is the key to all my work. I am keen to employ other senses such as the sense of touch into my finished work. I enjoy this tactile approach, be it imaginary or real, as an aid to understanding and depicting the three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. I am keen to explore a variety of methods of painting from illustrative to abstract.'

Commissions undertaken.

Previous commission work has included:


Recent commission:


Oil on 3D canvas    30 x 24 inches